Discover authentic Sardinian hospitality, at L’antica dimora La Corona

"At a time when the only way to travel was on horseback, There were no hotels or restaurants so that, When foreigners arrived , They were accommodated by friends, relatives and acquaintances, Hospitality was considered a sacred duty for everyone, Rigorously followed as an unspoken moral law..."


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L’albergo diffuso
L’antica dimora La Corona’ is located in the centre of San Pantaleo, in the heart of the famous Costa Smeralda, and only 14km from Olbia, built from local granite at the end of the 17th century and beautifully renovated and restored in 2012. The De Cherchi family, come from a long line of artists and architects, fell in love with San Pantaleo, and decided to acquire L’antica dimora La Corona. The building has been completely restored in line with the original concept yet they have managed to stylishly combine modern and traditional concepts throughout, many of the furnishings within the property are family heirlooms. The Antica Dimora La Corona is the central building of a new concept of hospitality called “Albergo diffuso” which includes four other historic properties located within the village center, overlooking the magnificent church square.

The tradition of Hospitality
The true tradition of hospitality in Gallura originated when there were no hotels or inns, instead travelers were accommodated by friends, family or acquaintances who deemed hospitality to be a form of sacred duty, and therefore an unspoken moral law.

All the materials used throughout the building are authentic and Sardinian, from the decorations on the walls, to the granite and marble from Orosei, wooden doors crafted by the local artisans of Calangianus, to the hand crafted ceramics of Assemini.


Respect the environment
L’antica dimora La Corona is part of a regional project devoted to showing the importance of environmental sustainability, thus all the materials used are local, solar panels were installed to provide hot water, all material used in the renovation are not only Sardinian but also bio-degradable reflecting our ethos and commitment to preserving this paradise.

The origin of the name
La Martina s.r.l. is the name of the company that owns ‘L’antica dimora La Corona’, the name is inspired by a local legend about a woman called Martina. The legend describes the village as a place scented of Helichrysum (curry plant) surrounded by age-old granite, populated by small stone houses (‘stazzi’) where once lived a beautiful woman, proud and aristocratic. Her name was Martina. All the travellers that were fortunate enough to experience her generous Sardinian hospitality, fell in love with Martina. So when a Scottish ship was thrown against the rocks by a sudden storm, the young Captain repaid Martina with a valuable crown that was part of his load, he awarded her the title of ‘Queen of the Stazzi’ and taught her a traditional Scottish dance “Scottis” which later became the “national” dance of Gallura. Even today when the summer breeze sneaks between the granite and the “stazzi”, seem to see Martina dance in the arms of the sailor who came from afar