Discover authentic Sardinian hospitality, at L’antica dimora La Corona

"At a time when the only way to travel was on horseback, There were no hotels or restaurants so that, When foreigners arrived , They were accommodated by friends, relatives and acquaintances, Hospitality was considered a sacred duty for everyone, Rigorously followed as an unspoken moral law..."


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L’antica dimora La Corona, offers a bountiful buffet breakfast, enhanced with traditional local products alongside international classics, and of course authentic Italian coffee, all of which is served on our panoramic terrace.


• Italian Cafeteria and tea/herbal tea
• Cornflakes
• muesli
• Coco Pops
• Rice crispies
• Honey
• Milk
• Fruit juices
• Fresh fruit or fruit salad

• Canned fruit
• Water still or sparkling
• Cured meats
• Cheeses
• Jams
• Biscuits
• Tarts and Plumcakes
• Croissant (various types)
• Butters

• Fresh bread
• Bread for toast
• Yogurt
Menu on request:
• Eggs
• Bacon
• Sausages