Discover authentic Sardinian hospitality, at L’antica dimora La Corona

"At a time when the only way to travel was on horseback, There were no hotels or restaurants so that, When foreigners arrived , They were accommodated by friends, relatives and acquaintances, Hospitality was considered a sacred duty for everyone, Rigorously followed as an unspoken moral law..."



San Pantaleo
L’antica dimora La Corona is located in the heart of San Pantaleo, this charming village is famous for its bustling weekly market, for the numerous artists and craftsmen, the mountains and rock formations that despite the closeness of the sea, give the appearance of a mountain village. The mountains, literally "crown" the village and can be clearly seen from some guests rooms and the panoramic terrace.

This breath taking scenery is found just 14km from Olbia, where the granite peaks of St. Andrew, Pelchia Manna, Pelchia Minor soar into the clear skies of the Gallura like the points of a crown. Below, situated on a plateau is the village of San Pantaleo, that  overlooks on one side the most amazing mountains and inspiring rock formations and on the other side the emerald waters of the Costa Smeralda,  one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world.

This stone village has a timeless elegance that is completely enchanting and enhanced by the rugged mountains and emerald waters which surround it. Uninhabited until the end of the 17th c , this wilderness was originally called ‘the source of Beddoro’  due to the particularly fertile land and many water springs in the area. Farmers and shepherds from Gallura and Corsica, first settled here as they saw the potential in the fertility of the land.

The ‘Stazzi’ (pen like dwellings made of local granite) were built and Mediterranean vegetation flourished due to the many water sources around San Pantaleo, eventually giving rise to the village that stands today. The central church was rebuilt in 1903 and faces onto a beautiful square which is the heart of the village. 

• Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport 18 km
• Fertilia Alghero Airport 160 km
• Olbia Ferry Port 12 km
• City 'and Neighbouring villages
• Olbia 12 km Town Center
• Porto Cervo 12 km
• Cala di Volpe 10 km
• Porto Rotondo 16 km
• Pevero 12 Km
• Rena Maiore 2 km


The nearby emerald beaches
From Olbia take the SS 125 and after 7 km. turn right and follow the signs to Porto Cervo - BAJA SARDINIA - SAN PANTALEO.

The panoramic route follows the coast for 10 km until the sign on the right for PORTISCO. Continue straight on to San Pantaleo.

San Pantaleo and Costa Smeralda
Strategically located, San Pantaleo is situated on an elevated platform, 160 meters above sea level a stone's throw from one of the most famous coastlines of the world, on one side the original road "Monti di Mola" (nowadays known as Costa Smeralda) on the other side, the Arzachena - Baja Sardinia.

The history of San Pantaleo has always been closely connected to the neighboring emerald beaches of the Costa Smeralda: : Portisco, la Rena Bianca, Razza di junco. During the early seventies the authentic charm of the village attracted an international bohemian crowd of artists many of whom brought homes in the village.

The perfect combination of a village with such natural elegance situated right next to the sparkling attractions of the Costa Smeralda and the bustling towns of Port Cervo and Porto Rotondo. The local festivals are all dedicated to various  saints said to protect  this area.

The most prominent festival is held at the end of August. At this festival, alongside religious celebrations  San Pantaleo offers visitors a selection of tourist attractions that turn the village into a small tourist capital with stalls, markets, various art exhibitions. The most important is a classical dance display, performed just above the main square.

The event has been called The Great Dance and for over a decade has attracted important clientele from the international world of dance. The combination of the high quality life style, the centuries of tradition and the villages unique strategic position have all added to the popularity of this village.

Shifting your gaze to the east, you can view the sea of emerald and cobalt known all over the world. Just a few miles down the road, to reach the beaches of the Costa Smeralda where fine sand caresses the pink granite coastline dotted with headlands, bays, islands and fjords.

The nearest beaches are those of Portisco (Traditional natural harbor in the village) and Rena Bianca. Then Razza di Junco, Capriccioli, Romazzino, Liscia Ruia, Petra Ruia, Celvia, Spiaggia del Principe in a succession of bays and coves lapped by the crystal clear sea so loved by the international jet-set.

The marinas
For ancient mariners, the inlets of the coast were a blessing from god when the mistral wind blew. For today’s sailors too. Those natural harbors are now equipped and frequented by best sailors and yachtsmen.

The Portisco Marina, in the Gulf of Cugnana, has 600 berths at the port with water depths of up to 10 meters.

The  marina of Porto Rotondo is extremely well equipped, while at the gulf of Arzachena, opposite the island of Caprera, the Cannigione marina has 400 moorings . Sheltered from all winds is the spectacular Porto Cervo ,between the Old Port and the New has 700 berths.

This highly regarded port is home to particularly important regattas such as the Rolex Cup, Vitton Cup, Italian and World Yacht Championships.