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Gourmet and nightlife

Do you like haute cuisine, sophisticated cuisine with surprising and refined combinations of flavors? Or do you prefer traditional cuisine, with the full and reassuring taste of everyday life? The area offers all this and more and for after dinner, there are exclusive bars and cafes, live music, shows and entertainment and numerous trendy nightclubs.

Gallura food and wine

The typical dish of Gallura is the so-called "suppa cuata": a substantial delicacy made of stale bread seasoned in layers with broth and cheese, then baked to form an exquisite crust that "hides" its contents (cuata, in Gallurese, means hidden). In the pastoral civilization it was the main dish of the wedding dinner, so much so that until recently, in order to taste it, one had to wait for someone from the family to get married. Today it is found in farmhouses and typical restaurants. Another Gallura specialty are sweet ravioli, abundantly filled with ricotta, to be dressed with a not too acidic tomato sauce. Among the desserts, the treccioline (acciuleddhi) seasoned with honey, the Formgelle (casgiatini) with cheese or ricotta, the tiriccas (here they are called cucciuleddhi) with sapa filling. Among the wines, Vermentino di Gallura dominates, the only docg of Sardinia. Scented with sun, granite and sea wind, it accompanies any type of food. It can be tasted in the beautiful "Surrau" cellar, on the road to Arzachena, sitting in front of a large panoramic window overlooking the vineyards and rocks.


San Pantaleo, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotonodo are both lively meeting places and trendy places to shop, reserved with brands on display that present both the summer and winter collections of the best Italian and international brands in men's clothing , women and children and the most prestigious brands in the world of jewelry. And to add a touch of Sardinian style, you will find works of local craftsmanship.


Sardinia boasts a rich tradition in craftsmanship and a renowned mastery in the production of ceramics, carpets, fabrics and embroidery. Products that reflect the indomitable beauty and charm of the island's culture.