boutique HOTEL

Antica Dimora

La Corona

The widespread hotel

The Antica Dimora La Corona was the first widespread hotel in Gallura, consisting of a central body and other housing units of the "Stazzu Gallurese" type located in the historic center, near the famous square of the village.
The real estate units have been restored with modern technical concepts and introducing traditional elements and accessories from the family property of the property.
The units real estate residences, in the historic center are independent, equipped with every comfort but can benefit from the services offered by the staff at the headquarters of the Antica Dimora La Corona hotel.

Materials and Respect for the Environment

All the strictly Sardinian materials embellish the functionality of the rooms: the granites of Gallura, the travertine of Orosei, the wooden doors carved by artisans from Calangianus, the ceramics of Assemini, the wrought irons of ancient craftsmanship expertly worked by hand, and much even more.
The Antica Dimora La Corona is part of a regional Environmental Sustainability project, the materials chosen at km. 0, the solar panels used for the production of hot water, the strictly Sardinian products or in biodegradable materials, reflect our commitment to preserve this paradise and comfort our guests.


Origins of the name

La Martina s.r.l., owner of the Antica Dimora La Corona, takes its name from the local legend of Martina. Legend has it that in this place scented with helichrysum, amidst millenary granite, cork trees and small stone houses, once lived a beautiful, proud and aristocratic woman. Her name was Martina. Those who had the good fortune to pass through these parts fell in love with her, welcomed with the hospitality typical of this generous land. And when a Scottish ship landed here, tossed over the cliffs by a sudden storm, the young captain gave Martina a precious crown that was part of the cargo, awarded her the title of 'queen of the stazzi' and taught her the traditional dance of her country. That dance, which the locals christened 'Scottis', has since become the 'national' dance of Gallura. And even today, when on summer evenings the sea breeze gently wafts through the granite rocks and stazzi, it seems as if Martina is dancing lightly in the arms of the sailor from afar.